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     Article 1
The 21th edition of the Marathon de Provence Luberon is organized October 1, 2017 by Provence Luberon Mediterranée. You can choose between three distances: 10 km, half marathon, marathon or relay 3, hiking or Nordic walking (15 km).
     Article 2 - Rates
Hiking = 8 €

10Km = 9 €*

21km = 14 € 42km = 30 € (until 04/15/16)
Hiking = 10 € 10Km = 13 €* 21km = 18 € 42Km = 40 € (until 09/01/16)
Hiking = 12€ 10Km = 15 €* 21km = 25 € 42Km = 45 € (until 09/26/16)
Hiking = 14€ 10Km = 17 €* 21km = 27 € 42Km = 47 € on the SPOT the septembre 30 and the october 1, 2016 ONLY

After 24th september only on website, registration on
*1€ donated to a charity

     Article 3 - Listings

The event is open to licensed and unlicensed, born in 2000 and prior to the 10 km in 1998 and before the 21 km and 1996 and prior to 42 km. The age categories will be given a separate classification.
Subscribe to submit to the order of Provence Luberon Méditerranée and send to
Centre de Traitement Marathon Provence Luberon
1545 RN7 – Marina 7

Registration by registration form: Deadline 24 th September, 2016.
After this date:

     Article 4 - Withdrawal of numbers

In Pertuis' Hall, Espace Georges Jouvin, Rue Henri Sylvi

Friday, 02/10 from 15:00 to 19:00
Saturday, 03/10 from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Sunday, 04/10 from 7:00 to 8:30
     Article 4 bis- Departure 

Walk  and  nordic walking : 9h00
Marathon and marathon relay : 9h15
10 km : 9h30
Half marathon : 10h00
Time limit marathon : 5h30

     Article 5 - Medical certificates
Riders licensees must attach a copy of their license 2016/2017 (both sides) FFA FFTRI, FSGT Athletics FSCF Athletics Athletics UFOLEP or document attesting to the issuance of a certificate unlicensed riders must submit the registration form A medical certificate or a photocopy of no cons to the practice of running in competition, not older than one year from the date of trial, pursuant to s. .6 OJ of 24 March 1999 . Registrants should send internet photocopy of current license or certificate by mail to the medical organization to validate their registration. The original or photocopy of medical certificate will be retained one year by the organizer.
     Article 6 - Shuttles

Buses are provided for the parking of cooperatives, (leaving the Tour d'Aigues - Pertuis direction) and Pertuis and vice versa.
Before the race from 7:00 until 8:30.
After the race: from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

     Article 7 - Clothing

Numbered bags will be given at the time of your departure and sent home on arrival, Chateau de la Tour d'Aigues.

     Article 8 - Insurance

The organizers will be covered by a single liability policy. Licensees benefit from the guarantees provided by their insurance license. It is for other participants to ensure personal. The organizers accept no responsibility for any physiological disorder or immediate future.

     Article 9 - Refreshment

  All 3 km at the finish: fueling station / sponging / events / tastings of local products..

     Article 10 - Medical services

Provided by an emergency room doctors, 2 nurses, emergency doctors, the group company of firefighters South Luberon and CB enthusiasts. (Participants must possess a medical certificate or a copy, indicating the non-cons to the practice of running in competition older than one year to October 02, 2016, or photocopy of a license way).

     Article 11- Showers
Showers will be available to riders at the College de la Tour d'Aigues down the village to Grambois.
     Article 12 - Rewards and awards ceremony:

Initially: 1 T-shirt for all registrants.
On arrival: 21km = 1 vintage Marathon (wine)
42km = 2 vintages Marathon (wine) + 1 medal
Awards on the podium for the first 5 in the scratch and the first 3 in each category.

     Article 13 - Challenges and Results

Challenge number on all 3 races. The 3 races (10 / 21 and 42km) will be held in the KMS challenge, the challenge of the Pays d'Aix. Ranking will also be made by KMS. Full results will be posted as and arrivals. They will be available the same evening on, and 5 days on

     Article 14 - Hiking (max : 1000 participants !)
Participation in the 15 km hike is not eligible for a ranking (non-timed event).
1 T-shirt for all official.
No medical certificate for hiking.
     Article 15 - Nordic Walking

Open to all, it is practiced on the same roads and distances as hiking, walking sticks fitted North. Such as hiking, it is not timed and does not require a medical certificate.

     Article 16
Bicycles, skateboards and gear / or motorized vehicles are strictly forbidden on the course.
     Article 17 - Package policy

Any commitment is firm and final and can not under any circumstances be recoverable unless there is prior acceptance of a cancellation fee of 4 €. less transaction costs retained in case of Internet registration
Proof will be sent to the Marathon de Provence Luberon before September 24, 2017 (postmark as proof), except for death. No refund can be claimed in case of failure to submit a medical certificate.

     Article 18 - Right image
I expressly authorize the organizers of the Marathon de Provence Luberon and their heirs as partners and media to use images or audio on which I could appear, taken during my participation in the Marathon de Provence Luberon, on all media including promotional materials and / or advertising in the world and for the longest period prescribed by law, regulations, treaties in force, including any extensions that may be made at this time.
     Article 19 - CNIL

You have a right to access and rectify any personal information about you. Through us, you may want to receive offers from other companies or associations. If you do not want to, just write us and tell us your names, address and bib number if possible.

     Article 20 - Warning
In case of force majeure, natural disaster or for reasons beyond the control of the organization, the organization reserves the right to cancel the race without competitors being able to claim any refund or compensation.
     Article 21 - Approval
Participation in the Marathon de Provence Luberon (Marathon, Half Marathon, 10 km, hiking) implies express acceptance by each competitor in the Regulations.

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